#4 Message from Koki Yoshimune ( "Muv-Luv" Original Author / ACID Co., Ltd. CEO)


Koki Yoshimune

"Muv-Luv" Original Author / ACID Co., Ltd. CEO


#3 Message from GOROman (XVI Inc. Founder, CEO / VR Evangelist)



XVI Inc. Founder, CEO / VR Evangelist


#2 Message from Japanese Famous Animation Director Seiji Mizushima (Director of "Fullmetal Alchemist")

I have been interested in VR story telling for quite a while now. Then comes along "TOKYO CHRONOS".

I was immediately drawn in by LAM-san's stunning visuals, and among the staff saw the words "Director Haruki Kashiwakura"... I'm super jealous!

Kashiwakura-kun who did an amazing job in Expelled from Paradise, and went on to work with VR!

This is promising!!! And the awesome members that support him!!!! This game must be good!!!!! I'm looking forward to the new Kashiwakura directed masterpiece!!!!!!!!


Seiji Mizushima

Director of "Fullmetal Alchemist"


#1 Message from TOKYO CHRONOS Producer Kazuma Miki

Hello everyone. I am Kazuma Miki from Straight Edge Inc. I am glad "TOKYO CHRONOS",

which is launching its crowdfunding project, has attracted a lot of attention at its announcement (thank you!).

About this game, did you know that it is being developed by a very small startup?

Youth in their 20s are working restlessly day and night to accomplish their dream of creating a great VR game.

I am letting them work in my office out of "philanthropic spirit", but they are extremely hardworking and enthusiastic. In order for their dream to become a reality, we need funds. A fairly large amount, that is.

Crowdfunding is a system to support people with dreams, but lacking the means to make it happen.

If "TOKYO CHRONOS" caught your interest, please support the project.

Even the small amount would be greatly appreciated. The enthusiasm of the developer members in MyDearest is real. We would not let you down.

Thank you!!


Kazuma Miki

Editor / Producer of Sword Art Online