in VR.

Next Visual Novel
awaits beyond the screen

"In not only the current games,
but also all existing games, the users are
in front of the screens.
In TOKYO CHRONOS, the users will be in the screen
and experience the story with the characters."

"Characters come to
life in vibrant 3D graphics,
faithful to the
original 2D artwork"

"Grief, joy, and even suspicion.
Characters come to life right before your eyes.
Interpreting even
their slightest of emotions is possible.
The expressions, lively animation,
and full voice acting by renowned voice actors
amplify the magic of the story."

you right in the middle of a lifeless Shibuya,
frozen in time.

In this absorbing VR world
realized through quality background artwork,
what choices will you make?

"Your judgments determine your fate.
Decisions appear
at key moments
– choose wisely."