Development Report Vol. 4: In Gratitude of TOKYO CHRONOS's Backers and Upcoming Plans

Hi everyone, it's BocchiP!

About 5 weeks have passed since the crowdfunding campaign has ended. Thanks again to everyone for all your support in backing us! Through Kickstarter and Campfire, we were able to raise over 18,000,000 Yen (~$159,849.05 USD) through 1,662 backers all over the world!

It feels like we're finally at the starting line of that grand objective.

Once again, to everyone who's supported us from this very beginning, we couldn't thank you all enough!

Here, we have some messages from the main production staff!

① Message from the main production staff:

"Though this project is still in development, I'm truly honored to have this many willing to support us. I feel the pressure too, but I'd like to harness that as the power to be able to create a truly amazing game. I'm definitely going all in on this!!"

-Kashiwakura Haruki, Director

"Everyone, thank you so much for your support!!! We've somehow managed to breach 18 million Yen! This is all thanks to your passion and dedication. We want to answer those feelings right - we're in full production right now, so please look forward to the development reports! We've been holding back on the really big show-stopping announcements, so we'll keep on delivering the good news - thank you again, so much!"

-Miki Kazuma, Producer

"Over 18 million Yen! I'm going to make something fun and interesting that will absolutely be worth that. Thanks so much!"

-Segawa Kou, Scenario Writer

"Thank you everyone for the support! I'm going to keep on giving it my all to make sure that TOKYO CHRONOS is as good as it'll ever get!"

-LAM, Character Designer

"I'm so glad to have gotten so much support...! Thank you very much. This is all thanks to you that TOKYO CHRONOS can truly spread its wings and fly the world. I hope to make this game something so great that years down the line, people will look back and be proud to say "I was part of those who helped to grow and create Tokyo Chronos." Please keep on supporting us!"

-Kishigami Takehito, Overall Producer

② Upcoming progress updates on TOKYO CHRONOS


■Development Reports

- will mainly be posted on the Kickstarter page on a regular basis

- updates will be posted every two weeks, including the latest news, as well as some reports to bring that feeling of being within the studio

- our website and social network presence will update with more info as time goes!

③ About development accomplice meetings (Events)


- we'll be holding them generally once every month!

- each event will have a different guest voice actor joining us in order to bring us more of what makes TOKYO CHRONOS so unique and interesting

- these events will be held here in Japan, but we will try to write up articles and upload videos as much as we can to bring these events to you!

④ Upcoming events


Next up: Tokyo Game Show 2018!

We'll be having a booth as well as a stage event!

We'll also be having a booth at Anime NYC this November!

You can try a demo of the game, and we have a panel in the works too. Please look forward to those! We plan on dropping a big, big announcement in New York!

To bring TOKYO CHRONOS to as many people as we can, we'll be doing all sorts of different things!

We'll also be getting one of our developers to be live on Reddit!

That's it for now, but please keep on giving us your support from hereon too!