Yuria's MISC NOTE / Secret Movie with English Subtitles!

Hello everyone!

Hope all of you have had time to look at the surveys we sent via Backerkit. Once we have more clear deadlines we will let everyone know what the cut-off will be to make changes to your pledges. This is especially important for anyone that was interested in a PSVR of the physical so please remember to fill out your surveys!

Localization on TOKYO CHRONOS to Begin Soon

In other news, we've received the first of three parts of the scenario for TOKYO CHRONOS. Once we finish looking over the text, we will begin translation right away. Stay tune for more updates as we finally get started on the localization process.

Yuria's MISC NOTE / Secret Movie in English

In the meanwhile, there's been a plethora of promotional material put out via Japan and we've been doing what we can to catch up. For starters, we've gone ahead and subtitled "Yuria's MISC NOTE" which was another teaser video that went up on Youtube shortly after Tokyo Game Show. You can view the video on our Sekai Project Youtube Channel or via the link below:

Yuria's MISC NOTE / Secret Movie

Click the CC (Closed Captions/Subtitles) button in the lower right hand side of the player to turn on English subtitles. Here we get to see a bit more into Yuria's character and perhaps what to expect from her throughout the game.